Liquidation Services for Investment Funds & Financing Vehicles

KB Associates (“KBA”) is a boutique, independent consulting firm which assists asset managers in addressing the operational issues associated with the establishment and management of offshore investment funds.

KBA offers a dedicated termination and liquidation service to asset managers seeking to cease their funds’ operations and to special purpose vehicles (“SPVs”) which are being liquidated.

KBA dedicated team has experience of providing project management services and acting as Liquidator to terminating funds and SPVs in both Ireland and various offshore locations. We have particular expertise in managing the orderly wind down and termination of funds of funds.


The Liquidator will identify the assets of the company, take the assets under control, liquidate the assets, identify creditors and admit creditors’ claims

  • The Liquidator will operate the fund company solely for the purposes of realising the assets of the fund
  • The Liquidator will make relevant filings with the local regulatory authorities
  • The Liquidator will ensure regular updates are provided to asset managers and relevant interested parties
  • The Liquidator will make payments to creditors
  • The Liquidator will ensure surplus funds are paid to shareholders
  • The Liquidator will ensure company dissolution pursuant to company law


  • Advise and project manage the termination plan of a fund/SPV
  • Advise directors on the steps necessary to place a fund/SPV into liquidation
  • Provide dedicated staff to be appointed as Liquidator


  • KBA offers two dedicated, experienced consultants specialising in this area, with expertise in hedge fund administration, accounting and fund/SPV terminations
  • KBA has experience of project managing the termination of companies, from the decision to terminate, through the process of communicating with shareholders, redeeming underlying assets, advising on financial statement disclosures, reviewing valuation methodologies and final liquidation procedures.

You can download our guide to Liquidation Services for Investment Funds & Financing Vehicles here